Windows Software Update Services finally released

Windows Software Update Services, the successor to SUS 1.0, has finally shipped!  I’ve been using the beta (and release candidate) for several months on my personal server and have been pleased.

One tool that was in the beta release was a notification tool that would email you whenever your WSUS server, or the machine or machines you administer had updates downloaded or applied.   If you’ve ever used SUS 1.0, you probably remember the generic emails that MS would send you, only saying "This is a notification from Software Update Services:  Content has been changed or removed".  Right.  Very informative.  Or not.

Local notification from your own server is much more useful in an SBS shop since you can get a heads up on patches before they flow to your client machines.  (at my shop, we install client patches automatically but servers wait until I can approve them for installation manually during scheduled downtime.)

UPDATE:  The tool I was thinking of is still online: Windows Update Services API samples. The copy I downloaded still says "Beta 2" in the readme.

Go to the WSUS Download Site.


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