WSUS SP1 available

If you run Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), a new service pack (SP1) has been released.  More information and download from Microsoft
I had difficulty installing it on my home SBS box;  apparently the install would die after installing a new instance of WMSDE when the new instance wouldn’t start after installation and the remainder of the process would fail.
Rebooted, retried installation, and it worked.  The odd part was that the WSUS install asked to reboot again, which I did.  WSUS worked and is working fine still.  It was then installed on an SBS server at work with no incidents.
Lessons:  Be aware of what maintainance you performed on a system before you install an update;  I had stopped the WSUS administration site (mistakenly) in order to use wsusutil to clean up old, superseded uptates in the update database.
That’s probably what caused the install to fail the first time.
Lesson 2:  There are extensive debugging logs in Program Files\Update Services\LogFiles.  Read them and send them to Microsoft if necessary.  I found out much about how the update is installed and the steps it goes through, and importantly, where it fails.
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