Vista 5536 (Pre RC1) VM Quirks

I’m posting this from my copy of Vista build 5536 (pre-RC1) running inside Virtual Server.  I ran into a problem getting Vista to install on Virtual PC. When I tried to mount the ISO image, VPC gave me: "This File does not appear to be a CD Image
CD Image files must be greater than 2MB and a multiple of 2K in size"

Starting the Vista install from the physical disk (attached to the VM) worked, but thie install barfed with Vista reporting that INSTALL.WIM–Vista’s base installation image–was corrupted.  I burned another DVD on a different machine with different burning software–same result.  I checked the MD5 sum against the one listed on the pre-rc1 download page and it matched.

I then tried installing from a VM in Virtual Server on another machine I have and it worked; I then transferred my VHD image back to the workstation I use for testing and ran it under Virtual Server.  Worked, after I reset the network configuration.

After installing the virtual machine add-on for Vista Beta 2, I have a reasonably responsive, though plain, client.  (no Aero since I’m running from the Terminal Services client).

BTW, if you are running Windows in a VM to use as a desktop, I strongly recommend enabling remote access so you can access it from Remote Desktop.  When you run Remote Desktop (Start/Run/mstsc.exe) open the Options dialog and under Sound, specify "Bring to this computer".  That’s the only way you can get sound when you run Vista as a VM.

More to follow.

Take care,


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