Wither Vista?

Vista is out (for MSDN and Technet members, anyway), but for the first time since 1995, I’m not first in line.

In 1995, when I had only owned my first Windows machine for 3 months (RIP, WfW 3.11, I don’t really miss it), I got a beta copy of Windows 95 a month before its famous launch.

I skipped 98, SE and ME (with good reason) but I snapped up XP as soon as I could get an RC copy.  I rebuilt my machine with the new OS just as soon as it went gold.


Not so much.  I tried Beta 2 under Virtual PC.  Um, ooookay.  That version was only good for its DVD case!  (I tried microwaving the DVDs only to find that pressed DVD’s don’t make impressive sparks, but only delaminate and melt quietly…)

RC1 was much better and RC2 better yet in a VM.  But I still haven’t run Vista outside of a VM.  I’m aware that much of Vista isn’t present under a VM (no 3D, no USB, etc.) and know I haven’t used it to its fullest.  I’d been hoping to run it full time when "one more program" is compatible, but with the news that PowerShell won’t be gold for Vista until its official launch date of January 30th, 2007, I don’t have a reason to switch yet.

As well, I’m not happy with the pricing for Vista Ultimate at $399.  Unless I get an OEM deal or get the upgrade version for $259 (I have a legal full non-OEM copy of XP), I’m inclined to drag it out especially as I need Office (before the 2007 beta, the version I used was Office97 :o.)

I’m not nostalgic about XP;  I see its flaws every day at home and work (no good native browser until IE7, 32-bit XP consumes resources too fast, removable USB drives a pain in the butt to actually disconnect from the system, and of course, security or lack thereof.)

(BTW, I need the features in Ultimate;  I produce video for fun and my home machine is part of a domain on my home SBS box.)

But I wouldn’t mind if there were a six-month decline in Vista Ultimate sales to make Microsoft reconsider, even if it’s to drop the price only slightly to bring it in line with the other releases.  Ideally I’d pay $100 for home or buslness and $200 for Ultimate.  I’d get started about Office pricing but that’s for another post.

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2 Comments on “Wither Vista?”

  1. Rick says:

    That probably makes sense, Dave.  Vista just doesn\’t strike me as interesting enough to upgrade as a matter of course (except that I did get one free copy as a beta tester.)  I think Office 2K7 is more interesting.

  2. David says:

    I\’m definitely getting Office.

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