Creeping Towards Vista

This past Wednesday, I was at the Vista launch event in Boston.  It was a nice show.  It’s the first launch event I’ve been to in quite some time.  Five years ago, when XP launched, Microsoft held many more in-person events than they do know.  Microsoft would hold, quarterly, TechNet events for corporate IT and TS2 for consultancies, both of which events I attended.

I haven’t been to a TechNet in nearly a year and I haven’t been to a TS2 in even longer.  The Web and blogs and webcasts and broadband have really changed the landscape and eliminated many of the trade shows I once attended.  I was never at Comdex, but I can remember Networks Expo, Internet World, MacWorld Boston and lately, LinuxWorld Boston, all now defunct. 

To its credit, the launch event was probably informative to most people who came since most of them don’t obsessively spend time online the way bloggers do.  At least I got some goodies, which I captured in a photo.

The bright  blue blinkie was everybody’s favorite; given out by HP, if you were seen with it you could have won a Zune, IIRC.  (No I didn’t.)

Palm was giving away Treos.  No I didn’t either.  I own a Tungsten E and asked about Vista compatibility;  the rep at the booth told me Microsoft had told them it would work.  Ookaay, whatever.  (Since Palm Hotsync stores the contents of the Palm back to \Program Files\Palm\<someuser> or \Program Files\palmone\<someuser> and Vista doesn’t allow users to copy files back to Program Files by policy, we have a problem.)

I’ve written before about my ambivalence with Vista, but I will be going with it.  My copy is already on order and my system is more than good enough for it.  If Microsoft LIcensing would only stop changing the rules out from under people, and if Ultimate, say, were more reasonably priced, the company would not be hated so.

(I know, why not Linux or Mac.  I use Macs at SATV but I hate them for anything other than video production, and I have used Linux distros off and on for eight years and am still not impressed, even with Ubuntu.  My favorite part of Linux is my stuffed Tux!)

So, I’m creeping towards Vista.

Take care,


P.S.  Here’s a Vista innovation I wish I saw at the launch:



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