Palm: “Duck, it’s the layoffs!”

According to Network World, "Palm Hit With Layoffs", Palm is cutting employees in the development division.  I’m not sure how layoffs, firings or reductions in force can be compared with natural forces, winds and storms that can "hit" you, but you’ll have to ask the NW headline writers. 

It’s no surprise.  Their announced Foleo seems to have landed with a thud.  It’s an  intriguing device, a WiFi & Bluetooth enabled mobile terminal;  it just costs too much on top of the Treo you need to use with it.

On a personal note, I’ve given up on Palm.  I saw a display model HP iPaq 2495 on the clearance table at Staples, bought it, and almost instantly moved to Windows Mobile.  The transition from my Tungsten happened very quickly. 

I love the WiFi and the excellent battery life, and the very active developer’s community;  almost all the programs I had for the Palm had Windows Mobile counterparts.  I was able to transfer all my ebooks from the Palm using Mobipocket and Vade Mecum (for Plucker docs) .  The screen of the iPaq isn’t quite as bright as the Tungsten but that might be due to its use as a display model.  Fonts on Windows Mobile are quite a bit better than on the Palm.

Not to forget, MAME on the Pocket PC.  (I’m a big arcade gamer!)

Too bad for Palm.  So sad.

Take care.

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