Reliability updates for Vista

The long-rumored reliability patches for Vista are out.  KB938979 and KB938194 promise to make Vista a bit faster and a bit more stable.  The chatter about these patches is generally good, although one person on the Yahoo SBS2K list had trouble with Outlook;  I hope he’s able to have more information on it.

I’m running the patches now.  So far, so good.  At the same time, nVidia released a SATA driver update through Windows Update, which works fine, but also a NIC update–which does not

(For some reason, on my MSI K9N Neo-F, I can only use the nVidia NIC driver that comes with Vista.  None of the later drivers work.  Symptoms are a network icon with an X (meaning no connection/disabled) and if I attempt to change the NIC parameters in Device Manager, say, speed and duplex settings, Windows hangs.  But the driver works in safe mode with networking.   Good luck finding this one but you’ll hear about it on this blog first if I do!)

Take care,


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