Palm’s Foleo Folds

The latest news from Palm, and it’s bad.  I’ve written about Palm before (Palm- Duck, it’s the layoffs!) and this should not be surprising.

Palm has folded its Foleo palmtop faster than the Boston Red Sox have in some years (1978, say…)  I’m mildly surprised by the timing, since Palm had to have just begun manufacturing the Foleo, making for a brutal time for Palm, now that non-PDA companies like Apple have their iPhone, more famous by far than anything Palm has done in the past three years.

I’m not concerned so much that the Foleo was going to run Linux;  if it’s a solid implementation that’s feature complete, that won’t matter to the users.   But Palm didn’t present anything that would make me think the Linux implementation was going to be functional enough for mobile use, if it even existed outside a lab.  All Palm showed at LinuxWorld for a long time was a stuffed penguin!

Worse for Palm, no one else is standing still.  HP is staying in the smartphone, and more importantly, the standalone PDA market, with six new iPaqs.  If I hadn’t found my clearance iPaq 2495 a few months back, I would be making plans to buy one of the new models posthaste.   That HP is doing this gives me a lot of confidence in my PDA and Windows Mobile.

Confidence that Palm may never gain ever again.

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