Important change for SBS & Vista shops: GPMC not part of Vista SP1

When Service Pack 1 for Vista is released, there’ll be an important change to be aware of if you are running Vista in your SBS environment:  The Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) snap-in, normally built into Vista, will be removed in SP1.

If you have used the new group policy settings in Vista, you know that these settings are not accessible from GPMC in Windows 2003 itself;  to access Vista GP settings you must use the editor, and GPMC, from a Vista client.

The next version of SBS (2008, "Cougar") is at least a year away, so SBS shops running Vista clients between now and SP1 will need to make their Vista GP settings from a Vista client. 

I don’t mind if MS makes the change but there had better be a separate version of GPMC when SP1 is released. 

HT: Darren Mar-Elia’s Group Policy Blog: GPMC not part of Vista, SP1

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