Palm’s Sneakwrap Warranty

Ed Foster’s latest Gripelog is about my "favorite" product, the Palm.  A reader of Ed’s bought a Tungsten E2 for his mom, and soon after he bought it, unknown to him, the digitizer broke.  The E2 is a $200 product.  The warranty was for just 90 days.  Of course it was after day 91 that it broke.  The real problem is that Palm "hid" the warranty information in a small slip of paper in the box.

It’s hopeless to think that a user is going to be able to test a modern PDA out thoroughly for 90 days and find everything that went wrong with it.  A nightmare of mine, which has happened to me before, is buying a device, using it and not realizing a function is broken on it until I need to use it.  After Day 91.  ("You mean it’s not supposed to do that!?" or "It should have done that!")

I’m convinced the customer is really supposed to say, "Oh well, $200 down the hole.  It’s only credit!  I’ll buy another!"  (That certainly works for Apple!)

A friend of mine bought a refurbed Palm T3.  Normally, I like buying refurbs, and I figured he got a good deal.  But it was a lemon that never worked properly from the start.  He’s been cursing Palm ever since.

Contrast with my iPaq.  My model was obviously a display model and much beat upon for several years before I got it.  It’s probably the same age as my Palm Tungsten E.

The iPaq is in much better condition for its age.  Its power button isn’t broken, unlike my Palm, and I’ve never had to worry about its digitizer.  I’m not a fan of HP in general but they have more or less perfected the PDA.

What of Palm, the originator of the PDA?  Well, what about them?

Source:  Ed Foster’s Gripelog || Palm’s Sneakwrap Warranty

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