Well, this bites!

My SBS box is down!  In the immortal words of Duke Nukem, "Well, this s—ks!"

All due to a $3 piece of plastic!

The clip on the CPU heatsink retainer broke violently on Sunday sometime between the 4th quarter of the Patriots game and the 1st inning of the Red Sox game.  (Hey, I’m a Boston sports fan through and through!)  I heard the snap but didn’t realize what had happened until the system overheated and shut down.  Even then, I didn’t know what happened until after I rebooted the system, noted the high temperatures, shut it down and found the heatsink was loose. 

Though this heatsink retainer is standard and works with the stock AMD CPU coolers I use, it is a surprisingly hard item to find.  Tyan would not send me a new one, so I ended up getting one from an eBay merchant and am waiting by the mailbox for it.

Unfortunately, I use the server to stream police scanner audio, and tonight is Halloween so I have to scramble for a replacement.  I miss my server!  At least Vista works great offline without a domain.


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