Linux: Great quote on Linux and people with disabilities

A housekeeping note:  I’ve been away from this blog for a while.  I’ve been kept away by a private beta I’m in, and local politics (see my other blog).

Jeff Atwood is donating $5,000 to a .NET open source project.  A commenter makes an excellent point about why MS seems to reinvent the wheel:

Simon – Subversion, CruiseControl and Nant are great for my purposes in this little shop, but those tools don’t scale well to large businesses. Microsoft didn’t develop Team System due to NIH, they developed it because they were targeting an entirely different market.

I really wish people would at least try to understand what the hell they’re talking about before piping up. Microsoft has to worry about i18n, backwards compatibility, patent and copyright issues, security issues, usability issues, and all of that fun stuff that’s part of developing "commercial" software. It’s not as if they can just pick up a copy of Subversion and deploy it with Visual Studio and have everything just work; and if they’re going to have to tackle the mountains of work involved in bringing those tools up to snuff for everyone who uses VS, why the hell should they do it for free? Those translators and testers and lawyers and analysts all cost money.

I think it’s wonderful to be donating real money to open source projects. But please, for the love of god, stop bitching about how Microsoft or Google or whoever is dragging its heels and refusing to accept the divine blessing of open-source software. Microsoft has millions of customers to worry about; CruiseControl or [insert your favourite FOSS project here] only has to worry about white English-speaking Americans and Europeans without any disabilities and with plenty of time on their hands to fix all the minor compatibility problems themselves.

Aaron G on April 11, 2008 07:29 AM

Emphasis added.  I still haven’t tried the latest Ubuntu.  Unless I hear that they’ve updated Gnopernicus, the screen magnifier I had such trouble with, I’m going to pass for a bit longer, perhaps indefinitely.


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