Working with SBS 2008, Part 1: Single-Server Migration

The SBS 2008 Technical Preview is now out. Reload Nuggets has an excellent walkthrough if you are installing SBS 2008 clean.   If this applies to you, go there immediately and stop reading.  Otherwise:

I mentioned in my earlier post that I have a weird SBS site at home (in the corner of my bedroom where the network cables are coiled up, under my workbench.)  Microsoft officially supports two scenarios for SBS:  A new clean installation–which is virtually automatic, and a two-server migration where the old server is connected to the new one and files, AD, Sharepoint and Exchange are copied from old to new.

To be fair to Microsoft, there are very few SBS customers that are in a position to do a same-server migration.  SBS 2008 is 64-bit only;  SATV, like most other SBS shops, has a 32-bit machine and it cannot be migrated to the new SBS (though it can and probably will be migrated with the MS two-server scenario).

That was exactly my position when I first participated in the private SBS 2008 beta:  I have a 64-bit Tyan Tomcat 1000S (Opteron 1215) and 4 gigs of memory.  I did get SBS 2008 onto the machine and my personal shop migrated, albeit with enough rough edges to cut my fingers off.

We’re doing a Swing Migration.  Actually, we aren’t.  After much testing, I’ve found it is simply not feasible to perform a migration the way I had first thought.

This is the result of my trying to do a Swing migration:


Ha ha, "non-critical".  Sure.  Exchange and Sharepoint were missing and for some reason the install files were not on the machine and I could not find them on the DVD, likely buried in the disk image.  I really admire Jeff Middleton and wanted to perform his migration method, but it didn’t work out.  Stupid of me to blog about it before I even knew if it would work!  My fault, not Jeff’s.

But, I move on.  I used an answer file to get the machine named the way I like it and fit into the domain I already have, so that’s my next post.


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