Windows 3.11 Retired and My Belated Suggestion for Clippy

Paul Thurrott (“Forget About XP- Let’s Save Windows for Workgroups 3.11!”) and numerous others have written about Microsoft’s retirement of Windows For Workgroups, which has had quite an afterlife in embedded systems.

(This is not new:  The 1800-series Red Line trains on Boston’s MBTA are reported to have an “A>” prompt on a console in the driver’s cabin;  DOS 6.22 has been seen in embedded systems, and probably in those trains.)

Paul made a nice banner:

Windows 3.11 is special for me;  it was the first Windows version I ever used.

It made me think of another “special” persona at Microsoft, Clippy!  He had a retirement party a few years back.  He made the rounds to various Microsoft events around the country.  He happened to ask me for career directions and I obliged:

I hope he’s having a good life.


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