Cablecast: Fixing problems on the fly

Our engineer, Dennis Dutra, suggested this topic, feeling I wasn’t technical enough in this blog.  A facility like SATV is somewhat betwix and between in the broadcast world.  We have a lot of broadcast-type equipment, such as our Knox router, but it often has to work with consumer equipment, as broadcast equipment for some categories is either non-existent or very expensive and out of our budget.   (For example, in professional audio, there are a multitude of devices that will interface your iPod to professional balanced audio inputs.  We don’t have anything like this.  Yet.)
Our Dish network receiver looks terrible through our Knox switch;  the consumer video output has too much of a DC component in it.
Enter Dennis Dutra’s Ultra DC Component Remover:
It’s a coax cable with a capacitor that blocks DC.  Ham radio operators like me use such cables to couple RF connections together. 
It’s the one amusing moment today, as we ran behind schedule again and are frustrated, like anyone who has ever been through a house remodeling can attest to.
Tomorrow or Wednesday will be my turn to work on the IT equipment in that room.

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