Cablecast: (Mostly) Done!

We’re done!

After a long day, we have programming flowing out of the new cablecast.  It was, through no one’s fault, the most stressful day I have experienced in a while.  Renovations always are.  I’m typing this at almost 11 PM at home, after most of us got in at 9 AM to start our day.  Dennis was still there when we left.

Things are mostly OK, except for audio on our police scanner and TIC Network.  This is why Dennis is working late. 

We ended up not using our old cablecast machine to import DVD’s.  For some reason, the Tightrope DVD import software does not work in Windows 2000 despite having all the prerequisite software (.Net 2.0, Windows Installer 3.1, etc.)  We used our existing Dell machine that plays back TIC Network, for our DVD importing.  Over the short term, I see another machine in our future.  In the long term, of course, we’ll do even more hardware upgrades.  Technology tends to do that.  This project will drive everything else we do in IT over the next year or so.

For my part, I can see the end of the project from here.  I just have to do some housekeeping on the new machines and, most importantly, learn how to use them.

My friend Leo will be happy to know that the first program of ours to go out of the new video server was the opening ceremonies of Salem Senior Recognition Days.

And I also hope to return to a regular schedule, as do Dennis, Ted, and the rest of us at SATV.

I’ll have a wrap-up tomorrow with a few more pictures.

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