Cablecast: One Week Later, Video!

For the first time in a week, this is what you’ll see at our front desk.  Cablecast was cut over to the new machines late this morning.  Classic Arts is on our Educational channel at left, through an analog satellite feed at the high school;  Free Speech TV is on Channel 3, through our Dish Network, at center.  Far right is Channel 16, our government channel.

There are still a few quirks, as one can see a Windows taskbar on Ch. 16.  That really can’t be fixed until I have my turn in there in a little while. 

(While the old TRMS machines were on the air, one of them put Windows bluescreens over the air at least twice.  But no one ever took pictures!  Not one of my machines are to be found on The Public Computer Errors Pool.  I’m actually hurt.)

Dennis and Ted are working on the audio feed for TIC Network as I write this, so I hope to have that service running for our viewers again soon.

Next tasks for me are to provision (get working) the machine we’ll use to transfer DVD’s into our server, and most importantly, cut in both UPS units and make sure the loads are balanced.  I presume if the load display on the UPS shows six lights out of five, we’re doing it wrong!

Lastly, I appreciate everyone in Salem and the SATV community that has visited my blog.  I apologize for some of the IT terminology that may go over your heads;  I write this blog for a professional audience, while A Salem Blog is community oriented and more political.

Next post, we’ll be fully on the air, and more importantly, we’ll get to test our video server!. 


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