Disaster Blogging from a Datacenter

It’s nice to know that there are people who will risk their lives for davidmoisan.org.  The owner of DirectNIC, the registrar for my personal domain, stayed to blog Hurricane Gustav.

The earlier blog, The Survival of New Orleans Blog, is the quintessential account of survival in a datacenter during a disaster.  It was, and is, recommended reading for every datacenter manager and IT professional.

SATV usually doesn’t have more than snowstorms and power outages to worry about, but the thought of a hurricane is never far from us.  Since we haven’t had a hurricane since Bob in 1991, it’s argued that we are due.   Most New England hurricanes happen in the fall, when most of us are in our back to school routines, and SATV is busy with students and preparing for Halloween festivities later on. 

So far, the worst disaster we have experienced is a two-day blizzard in December 2003 that put us off the air for two days due to a power failure and a failed network switch.  We have no generators, and our UPS systems are designed only for short-term power glitches.

In a lot of small organizations, people are too busy putting out fires and worrying about short and long term problems to think much of disasters.  In fairness, most DR literature is oriented towards large companies that can put resources to bear on DR.  There’s not a lot towards companies like SATV other than “put the backup tapes in a safe place”.

Any DR plan for SATV would have to bring together not just staff, but our board, volunteers and everybody in Salem, to get us out of an incident and back on the air.

Are we up to it?  So far…


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