One Care for Server Gone

Microsoft is discontinuing OneCare for Server.  This is a cruel joke considering that SBS 2008, which I received last week in my Action Pack shipment, has a trial of OneCare included, which many new SBS sites will undoubtedly try out.

I can, of course, continue to use the trial until the end of June 2009, but I would not deploy it only to have to deploy another product in less than six month’s time.

SATV has Symantec Corporate AV 8.1 on its SBS 2003 network, through TechSoup.  I have been looking at other AV products and was hoping to try OneCare.  I’m not a fan of third-party AV products;  I am deeply cynical of the whole “security industry”, from the hysterical SANS alerts (I won’t link them;  the net is Code Yellow today) to the AV products that scan for 100,000 threats—99,999 of them obsolete viruses—and yet won’t find the virus that finds your network! 

We have AV because we must. 

I would have rather it been from Microsoft;  they know their product much better than a company like Symantec does.

I’m planning for SBS 2008 at SATV.  I’ll probably have to get whatever AV product has the least number of complaints and is the least slow for the client machines.  Not that I know what else I’m going to do.


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