DNS Error in SBS 2008 Best Practices Analyzer

If you have SBS 2008 configured as a VPN server, you may get an error like this:  “DNS A resource record points to incorrect IP address”.  This error may persist even though you’ve run the Fix My Network wizard and found no errors with it.

You might recognize two IP addresses in the screenshot: and; the latter will be your first VPN address reserved by RAS if you’ve configured VPN (and your prefix is 192.168.10.x).

I contacted Microsoft support and they have seen this error.  It’s spurious.  It’s OK to clear the error by clicking “Do not show me this item again for all instances”.  (If you ever need to see this error, or any errors you’ve ignored, run the Best Practices tool, view the report, select “Other Reports” and click on “Show me this item again for all instances”.)