Pictures from This Week

A friend asked me for an unboxing photo of my Tightrope T-shirt.  Eyeroll.  But here you go.

But some good news:

The front panel of our Dell PE1900.  It took longer than I wanted to get to that point, as the machine was dead out of the box—it would not get out of the BIOS screen before shutting down.

The tech ended up changing virtually all the parts out, but it was likely the power supply gone bad.  Why Dell didn’t burn it in for a day I’ll never know.  I remember when the lead time for our first Dell server in late 2001 (PE1500, since deceased) was three weeks.  Our second Dell server (1800, presently in use) was delivered in two weeks.  The 1900 was delivered in less than a week.

It must have worked just long enough for the techs there to setup the PERC RAID for us, and then they shut it down.  Even if they’d run a memory test for just a few hours, they’d find the problem.  In several rare instances when I could start the server and run diagnostics, I never could keep it running for more than 45 minutes.

After the new power supply, the machine has been running diagnostics and memory tests with no problems.  I set up the DRAC (remote console) and am having it run a memory test over the weekend.  Tuesday, if all goes well, I’ll start the migration.

I bent to the relentless forces of social networking and have a Twitter page.  I’ll tweet every so often starting Tuesday if something interesting or scary happens with the process.


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