The migration begins

I came in at 6:45 this morning to start the migration process to go from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008.  Most ot the morning was spent reconfiguring the network;  we are, or were an ISA 2004 shop–we had to remove it and replace it with a firewall appliance, part of a device we already had but weren’t using for that purpose.
Top photo is my paperwork, growing by the second, and a stick drive I’m using for the process.  Middle photo is the old server on the left, and the new server on the right.  The UPS in the middle powers both machines.  Bottom photo is a screenshot of the sysprep tool that’s run on the old server.  (It finished succesfully.)
I’ve rerun the SBS Best Practices analyzer, and the EBS Migration Preparation tool each one last time and both of them say we’re good to go.  The network is running along nicely, and the new server has been running a memory test for 5 days without any problems.  I can’t put off installing SBS any further.  Time to go.

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