The Migration Continues

I was too busy from Tuesday on to do an update or even a Twitter, but we got over the first hump of SBS migration;  all of the triple checks I did resulted in an installation that apparently worked right the first time.  Of course, setup reported "non-critical errors" but for once it was actually true (the last time I saw this in setup on my own server, it meant "Haha start over noob!".)   The error was due to the server not getting updates during installation;  the remedy is to run Microsoft Update on the server and get updates, which has been done.
The only thing I’ve found that threw me:  Our internal IP range has a large exclusion range;  we have quite a few static devices in our network.  Out of the box SBS 2008 has the exclusion 192.168.x.1 through 192.168.x.10 and 192.168.x.254 (where x is an octet value specific to your site;  by default it is 1 but we use a different value.)
Our exclusion is 192.168.x.1 through 192.168.x.50 and 192.168.x.240 through 192.168.x.254.  This seems like a big exclusion but still provides more than enough for for all our DHCP devices.
I have wanted our new server to be 192.168.x.21;  The SBS Connect to the Internet Wizard wouldn’t let me use that;  the address was already reserved.  I gave it another address I would have preferred not to use (I strongly feel that addresses .1 through .10 should be reserved for gateways and other network infrastructure devices, with .11 through .20 for servers.)
I can of course revisit that when migration is complete and the old server is off the network.
In the meantime, things move forward;  all our shared folders are moved and I am waiting for public folders to replicate between the old and the new server so I can move the mailboxes.

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