SATV now over fiber!

Yesterday, the Comcast techs finished their work.  Our three channels are now being broadcast over fiber.  It’s more like 2005-era technology instead of the very latest but we’re not complaining, it was the best we could get.  We have fiber links from City Hall, Salem High School, the School Committee room at the Collins, and Bowditch Middle School.  Our old coax net also went to the Hawthorne Hotel, Salem State College and several other places but we weren’t able to get Comcast to recable those.
Last summer, the city council held a hearing on the poor quality of the video feeds from the School Committee in particular.   The spring before, they had installed a "new" modulator at our facility.  "New" is in quotes for a reason.  The techs didn’t have a manual for the equipment and Sal asked me to find it online;  I’m always being asked to do that since I keep track of all our manuals on our Sharepoint site.
I found the manual on the Motorola site and learned that the equipment, new to us, was old to Motorola–it was end-of-lifed!  It could have caught fire tomorrow and Moto wouldn’t have fixed it.
The council, and us at SATV who were present, gave the Comcast business rep a prolonged ass-chewing.
A year later, we have our fiber.  I wish our WAN and phones were fiber, too, but that’s another day.
For now, my friend Leo Jodoin will be very happy!

[Cross posted to A Salem Blog.]


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