SBS 2008 Migration: Moving Along

Our migration to SBS 2008 at SATV is moving along.  Last week, Exchange public folders and mailboxes were moved to the new server.  I’ve been warned that this is the longest step of the migration.  Depending on replication settings, it could take hours or days to move the public folders over to Exchange 2007.

It took about 28 hours.   The public folders were migrated starting at 10 AM Thursday, and finally finished on Friday afternoon.  The migration instructions have you look at the output of a Exchange command shell to determine if the migration is complete.  Unfortunately, the instructions are vague and the command output is very verbose.  There should perhaps be a filter and a format-table.  Perhaps next time.

Instead, follow the instructions in You Had Me At EHLO…  How to Remove a Public Folder Database in Exchange Server 2007 RTM.  When you are on the source Exchange server, look at Public Folder Instances.  It will be populated with objects while replication takes place.

The screenshot above was taken after replication was complete and I was ready to go on to the next step of the migration.


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