ESC 2009: Things to look at, things to tear down

Yesterday I was at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston.  This is a show I attend every year to learn what new technologies are going to be in the IT equipment I use.  Highlight of the show was watching a teardown of the Optoma PK-101 pico projector.  It’s about the size of a cell phone yet it can project images on any nearby wall.  We got to see it being taken apart.  The presenters were more interested in the projection technology itself—RGB LEDs feeding a TI DLP micromirror array such as you would find in a big screen TV a few years back.  Here we see the projection module with its LEDs, dichroic mirrors and the DLP chip in the upper right corner.

Here it is again, in pieces:

People are paid to do teardowns!  If I were 3 years old again, I would have done this at no charge!  You could ask my mom if she were still with us.

Another trade show sight I didn’t think I’d see again:

Booth babes!  But what are they selling, again?!  (Apparently, circuit board testing.)


One Comment on “ESC 2009: Things to look at, things to tear down”

  1. […] show is held every fall in Boston.  I’ve been going for years, including last year, and the year before that.  I love going.  I’ve always had a side interest in electronics and I’m a ham radio […]

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