Windows 7 Game Update

Since I’ve been trying and failing to get back to work at SATV, I’ve tried more games in Windows 7.

Many contemporary games work without any adjustments, like Trackmania, above.  It’s a gorgeous game, even though I have an “old” nVidia 7600GS (putting off a new motherboard and video card for next year.)

Most “casual” games work, too, such as Gridrunner:

I love arcade games so I have Atari’s 80 Classic Games.  The game launcher graphics are distorted.  That’s an improvement over when I tried it on Windows Vista;  same distorted menu, but I couldn’t start any games from the menu.

The games themselves do work:

One game I tried did need a tweak:  Grid Wars 2.  In the properties for the game executable (which has a shortcut to my desktop), make sure that DPI scaling is disabled:

It works.

Happy gaming!

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