Lull Ends; I’m getting a new office!

My lull is over, too soon.

My friend and contractor Leo is splitting the space in Engineering so that the server is secure and separate from other activities in the room.  Engineering is where members file in to check out equipment and return it.  There’s already a workstation on the bench that staff will use to process equipment reservations, seen at the very lower left of the frame.

I will have “my” own chair, shelves and file cabinets;  currently, all of our software disks, cables, paperwork and etcetera are scattered around the building, no surprise since we have been a Windows shop since 1998 and I have been at this job since 2000.

On the top shelf of the server cart, you can see the cable snake I made up, which will replace the snarl of cables there now.  We’re planning on getting managed and monitored power strips from Server Technology

We still are figuring out some details.  We’ll also need a printer for reservations.  We have a lot of work to make our reservation software work yet, so there will be no more lulls for me this year.

Still, for the first time, I have a real office!

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