Save Vista!

So, Windows 7 is out and has been for a week.  I’ve been running it for exactly two months today.

I like it and I’m encouraged by the Windows development process, something that can’t be said for Ubuntu.  (It doesn’t help that its latest release has problems with recognizing multiple SATA drives.)

I’ve had no problems that I could attribute to Windows 7 specifically;  I did have Windows bluescreen on log off, but that appears to be due to the UltraVNC server I had running.  (My HDTV antenna, and the TV card that it feeds are in different rooms, so I use a Windows Mobile PDA with a VNC client to adjust it by viewing the signal strength app through the desktop.)  The bug code I got (Bug Check 0xEC: SESSION_HAS_VALID_SPECIAL_POOL_ON_EXIT), is very specific as to the cause—any driver related to win32k.sys, atmfd.dll or rdpdd.dll, in other words any remote access hooking DLL such as VNC’s.  No new version of UltraVNC has come out so I’ve gone on with my life.

It has been otherwise very uneventful over the past few months.

The one thing I should have learned over 3 years of using Vista, is how the IT press used the “Vista Failure” meme to keep itself going.  If you got a Vista machine this past spring, like one of my friends did, you’re probably doing OK. 

It’s a good thing for the IT press that people have reported boot loops when installing Windows 7.  I just wish, in my universe, pundits like Randall Kennedy and Loyd Case would sweep streets while the likes of Mark Russinovich do reporting.  If Mark were reporting on this, it’d be fixed!  Good for the pundits, “Seven S****!”, not so good for the people affected.

At least Windows 7 has given me more time for games!


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