I Has An Office!

To translate from LOLSpeak, I have an office!  Last time I posted, the engineering room was being split off so my servers would be in a place of their own, cutting down on the noise level for staffers who have to check out and maintain equipment in the space.


My cable snake can be seen along the left.  The cart is relatively empty because:


I’ve found space for nearly everything:  cables, software disks, small parts.

To the left is the existing network rack—I still have to dress the cables—and the new snake underneath it.  The door is a compromise.  We had always thought of a pocket door for this space.  Unfortunately, the lock options for these doors are limited.  I and Sal had wanted something like a Simplex lock, widely used in IT (the city had one like it when I temped for them 20 years ago.)   Deadbolts don’t work in a pocket door.  Leo found a privacy lock which is very nice—the lock bolt has a small handle that you use to shut it.  This is behind a deadbolted door, anyway (the entrance to Engineering which is behind the photographer.)  We will probably get a few IP cams in here and around the building;  it’s inevitable.

My co-worker could not resist this portrait to finish it off!

One Comment on “I Has An Office!”

  1. Paul K. says:

    It\’s about freakin\’ time!

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