My New Year’s Resolutions? Overwhelmed!

Over the last week, I have completed my share of maintenance at SATV.  While everyone else was helping to paint the hallways, I was installing our new $300 powerstrip.  Now, in many ways, the real work of 2010 begins.

These projects are looming:

  • Completing migration from three-ring reservation binders to our computer-based reservation DB
  • Planning our migration from Vista (which will be oh-so-brief at SATV) to Seven, to be done by President’s Day
  • Comply with new Massachusetts regulations on personal information by March 1st.
  • New firewall/NAT appliance to supersede our cranky cable modem.
  • New network switch to replace one in Cablecast which is totally full (8 ports used out of 8).
  • Implement an image-based backup scheme for our workstations.
  • Figure out how to provide city news and announcements to blind and visually-impaired users.
  • Automate and report everything that is not already automatable and reportable. has a new BFF in me, as seen above!

Except for Windows Internals, I haven’t opened any of those books.

I’m overwhelmed.

While I have loved IT for 30 years, I am mentally exhausted.  I have ADD and have had it my whole life.  Even though I have and use all the organizational coping strategies available (Outlook, Word, my PDA and Spiceworks), I can do 4 hours of mental work on a computer—and feel like I’ve done 20!

The past six months of database migration have killed me.  I’m almost not sure I want to open the books and get going for 2010.

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