Local News Site Crashes, Part 3: Resolution?

Previous parts 1 and 2

After nosing around for a while and not finding any clue on the local news site crash, it’s back to the beginning.

Does anything in the stack show up in search?  Here are the top 15 or so of over 80 entries in this thread’s stack:

0:005> kv
*** Stack trace for last set context - .thread/.cxr resets it
ChildEBP RetAddr Args to Child
0301a500 695981c2 00000000 00000000 00010100 mshtml!CMarkup::DetachElemCtxStream+0x64
0301a520 69575a5e 00000000 00000000 09e34b40 mshtml!CMarkup::DetachElemCtxStream+0x30
0301a554 694b7f43 04fd6c30 10e49194 04fc3830 mshtml!CAPProcessor::Evaluate+0x21d
0301a59c 69598299 00000000 00000000 09e34b40 mshtml!CDoc::SubmitForAntiPhishProcessing+0x1c4
0301a5b4 694c4e81 0301a628 125d82b8 00000000 mshtml!CMarkup::CheckCtxInfoThreshold+0x4c
0301a5c8 694250c2 09e34b40 00000002 00000001 mshtml!CElement::AddCtxInfoHelper+0xa5
0301a5e8 69478a42 00000002 69478a4c 125d82b8 mshtml!CAnchorElement::AddCtxInfoToStream+0x1e
0301a5f0 69478a4c 125d82b8 0301a778 00000000 mshtml!CImgElement::ExitTree+0xa (FPO: [0,0,0])
0301a614 693565e0 0301a628 09e34b40 00000000 mshtml!CAnchorElement::Notify+0x142
0301a768 693559f2 0301a874 002a7ea0 00000001 mshtml!CSpliceTreeEngine::RemoveSplice+0x2eb
0301a848 69356ea9 0301a880 0301a88c 11f74090 mshtml!CMarkup::SpliceTreeInternal+0x83
0301a898 693561ea 0301a8d4 0301a910 00000001 mshtml!CDoc::CutCopyMove+0xca
0301a8b4 692fcfd6 0301a8d4 0301a910 00000001 mshtml!CDoc::Move+0x16
As it happened, I got a hit from CMarkup::DetachElementCtxStream.  It’s in this long thread on MSDN: “IE 8.0.6001.18702 Unmanaged exception on MSHTML.DLL (innerHTML)”  It’s an ongoing and very interesting thread about browser crashes, input limits and the coding quality of a very popular social networking site.
Somewhere in that thread another function, CDoc::SubmitForAntiPhishProcessing, was mentioned. 
Internet Explorer’s SmartScreen Filter.
Several people in the thread suggested the problems went away in their scenarios when SmartScreen was turned off.
Took me three blog posts to find out the same thing, but there it is.  When SmartScreen is turned off, this news site loads successfully and does not crash.
I’m wondering if that very, very, very long list of URLs I once found in a dump, was input to SmartScreen?   The average commercial website loads so much content to the browser:  Pop-ups, pop-unders, pop-overs, pop-throughs, multiple Flash movies, and what seem like a million small frames and boxes that explode into millions of Twitter URLs upon the slightest accidental mouseover.
I can’t believe this would only happen to IE;  the other major browsers seem to be equally at risk of exceeding list and table limits with the average web site.
At least I can see this newspaper now.  Not that I like its editorial slant but at least IE is not in the way.  I still want it fixed so I can turn SmartScreen back on.


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