More Old Text-Mode Games

Following up on my post about the old computers I used, I’ve found quite a few references to old text-mode games, and a great site on computer emulation.

Even today, you can write text-mode games:  Understanding C#:  Using System.Console to build text-mode games.  Since Powershell is based on .NET, you could just as easily write a few simple games in that scripting language as well.

A tribute to DOS text-mode:  Why Text Mode Games Are Cool.

Some online computer systems, with some old classics:  Freaknet Computer Museum On-line Systems.

All about Star Trek, the classic computer game:  Wikipedia entry on Star Trek, the text game. 

I co-owned a Tandy CoCo after high school and Dennis Kitsz wrote what I thought was the greatest version of that game ever at the time.  Dennis wrote this after seeing Star Trek II, the favorite Trek film of many fans, and his version was a quick-paced, frenetic game that captured the essence of that movie very well.   There are emulators around for that platform, though I haven’t tried any of them, and I would love for the game to still be around.

Finally, a great site on computer emulation, and one of the few sites in my research that is still current:  Fun With Virtualization.

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