Followup to KVM RFI: Possible solution fell off?

I will probably find out otherwise when I make this post, but I may have resolved my KVM RFI problem.  In a previous post, I performed a teardown of my KVM and noted that the top of the unit was blank.  Normally there is a name plate on the unit:

I found this plate nearby—it had fallen off the KVM.  I stuck it back on.  (I wanted to re-glue it, but it would not come off the unit for me.)  The “IOGEAR” logo looks almost metallic.  I immediately wondered whether it had a shielding function.  The plate appears to be plexiglass with perhaps a metallic layer in-between where the logo is etched.

I have had both machines hooked up to the KVM for a day now and have not seen the interference that has driven me nuts for nearly three months.  I hope this is it.  Really.

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