Teardown: Seagate Barracuda Drive

I had to clean house for an inspection and had several very dead hard drives around, none of which could be sent back for warranty, so I dismantled them.  Most drives are easily disassembled with miniature Torx bits which are readily available from many vendors. (here’s one such set.)

This Seagate Barracuda died in a “normal” way, its SMART data showing increasing reallocated sectors indicating slow-motion death.  Its controller board is quite small:


Almost all hard drives these days use the same Samsung 32 meg cache memory.  LSI is a familiar controller vendor and one of their chips is here.  The ST Microelectronics SMOOTH chip is apparently a motor driver—I’ve seen it in several drives.

The drive lost its warranty due to an external enclosure and a very badly designed SATA pigtail that broke the connector on the drive.  The enclosure had numerous other problems, ensuring that I will not use that make again anytime soon.

Next up, Western Digital, torn apart.

One Comment on “Teardown: Seagate Barracuda Drive”

  1. Alex says:

    Do you know how to remove the spindle motor on the Seagate Barracuda? I’m trying to salvage the case and motor to reuse for other purposes.

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