Windows 8 Bluescreens

Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death

There are always silly articles when a new version of Windows is leaked or becomes available for preview.  Windows was once supposed to have a chartreuse screen of death when Vista was released.  This is the “new” BSOD, at least so far.

It’s perhaps too cute to make the release, but it’s functional, considering that in most instances I am troubleshooting from the crash dump or the event log so it’s not as important that I have the specific bugcheck code on the screen.

Unfortunately, some vendor’s drivers will make this screen harder to diagnose from;  Intel provides the storage drivers for virtually all of their desktop boards, including our Dells at SATV and my laptop.  When that driver crashes the machine, it does so with a bugcheck code of 0x8086.  Which is a “vendor defined” code that is nowhere to be found in a search.   It means you need to bug Intel for a driver fix.  I’m not sure if that code will present itself in this blue screen.

I have a suggestion for a new blue screen design:

Clippy's Blue Screen of Death

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