Pac-Man, on a text terminal

Via Fun With Virtualization, is holding a contest for the best retro-based hardware, or software in the month of July.

I’d written before about the PDP-11/60 I used in high school and the programs I wrote for it.  I was a video gamer all the way through, even then.  I am best remembered amongst my classmates for the “port” of Pac-Man, which was then and still now a very popular game;  I was inordinately proud of the way I somehow got sprites and collision detection on a 80×24 text terminal over a 4800 baud serial line.

I lost the source code, but a few summers ago, I got RSTS/E running on an instance of SIMH and managed to replicate the original experience of high school computer life as much as possible.  I even started to design a new version of Pac-Man (“Hac-Man”, for legal reasons) but SATV work picked back up again and I had to put it aside.

It would be a good item for a contest.  Stay tuned.

3 Comments on “Retrochallenged”

  1. Carlsson says:

    The screenshot reminds me about some fixed level of Nethack/Rogue rather than Pac-Man, but I know ASCII graphics only gets you that far when it comes to action games. Good luck!

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