Retrochallenge: Closing thoughts and a video

hacman moving 4

I’m a bit too exhausted to write the long post-mortem I had planned for the project.  I got enough of it done to show, but not enough to be a complete game;  the real world won’t let me take any more time on this project.

But it’s been a lot of fun.  RSTS/E is as linked to BASIC as Unix is to C.  Considering the limitations of BASIC, it’s amazing that so many of the system utilities were written in that language.  RSTS will never be a good host for arcade games, but we made it do in 1981. 

I’d like to give a hat tip to my old classmates in the Salem High computer lab:  Randy Moisan, Chris Haight, John Orlowski, Dave Irish, Peter Georgelas, and our department head Thomas Risoldi.  Thanks for the start in this crazy business.

Rough Demo of Hac-Man, a RSTS/E arcade game

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